Pest ID Guide

Living in Missouri, we are blessed with abundant greenery (and pest control challenges). We enjoy lakes and streams, miles of woodland and we exist in an incredible biome of complex flora and fauna. Every individual species in our environment has it’s purpose (including our insect friends) but occasionally they end up in the wrong place. That’s when you need to call Crosshair Pest Control. Our technicians are trained to perform environmentally friendly, humane, pet safe and effective pest control services for any species you will encounter in our area. Here is a handy field guide to the insect species you are most likely to find in your residential or commercial setting in Missouri.

Most of these insects are a simple nuisance but some are very dangerous. For example, the Brown Recluse and Black Widow spiders are abundant in Mid-Missouri. Some insects can be very damaging to your environment, for example the Emerald Ash Borer, which can kill any type of Ash tree. Exterminating these insects requires the service of an experienced and trained exterminator, for the sake of your personal safety. The list of Missouri pest insects below is not exhaustive. If you find an insect in your home or place of business not listed here, send us a picture for a free ID over the internet when possible.