Commercial Pest Control

Residential and commercial pest control share some similarities. In both cases, the goal is to remove pests and keep them out. The difference is that in a business enviroment such as a restaurant or hospital, a pest infestation can cost you serious money or even result in a shuttered business. Crosshair uses a process known as Integrated Pest Management to help you restore and maintain a clean, sanitary, and safe living environment and cause the least disruption to staff, customers and your bottom line. In addition to reducing the pest population, we will seek out pest harborage and the food sources inside and outside that are the root cause of the infestation and advise you of best practices to avoid any pest problems in the future.

Our technicians are trained in a variety of methods to achieve your pest control goals and can employ the correct mix of chemicals, physical exclusion and diagnostic expertise to achieve instant and long lasting relief from noxious pests. In a commercial environment, we can be in and out quickly and set up a system that meets federal health and safety regulations, and is both effective and simple to maintain.


The best way to keep a pest-free environment is through regular maintenance. Crosshair can provide monthly, bi-monthly and quarterly services that are guaranteed to keep your workplace free of unwanted pests. This allows us to continually monitor your business, so that we can identify and stop potential problems before they become an issue. Even if you don’t see an issue, early detection and prevention equals long term cost savings for you, the business owner.

What You Can Do

Some tips to prevent infestations

  • Be proactive. Regular inspections can stop potential problems before they become an issue.
  • Keep the kitchen clean and dry. Pests thrive in damp, nutrient-rich environments.
  • Do not allow water to stand. Pests like mosquitoes breed in stagnant water.
  • Don’t keep produce out for long. When overripe, they attract flies and other insects.
  • Dispose of garbage regularly, clean the refuse station daily.
  • Call Crosshair! Regular maintenance means a pest free workplace.